Main Switchboards

In most cases, the integrity of an electrical installation is determined by the power supply and coordination of protection systems at the MSB. The MSB is also generally the metering point of the installation.

Through generations of experience, a thorough understanding of local service rules & legislated requirements, R N Baker Switchboards offers peace of mind when it comes to the protection, control, monitoring & metering of your Main Switchboard.

We provide Main Switchboards for all applications.

A switchboard in the warehouse in Newcastle

Motor Control Centres

R N Baker Switchboards design and manufacture Motor Control Centers (MCC’s) to suit project requirements for all industries. We are accredited users of all major modular MCC systems, satisfying all ‘Design verification” requirements in accordance with local, Australian and International standards. With our comprehensive range of control, automation, protection, monitoring and motor starting options, R N Baker Switchboards offer the type of functionality, flexibility and quality that industry demands.

A Large Yellow Switchboard in the warehouse in Newcastle

Distribution Boards

Distribution boards (DBs) are an important component of an electrical power system which divides an electricity supply feed into separate circuits for different loads. R N Baker Switchboards’ distribution boards are available in various shapes and sizes from 100A, form 1 proprietary wall mounted panel boards to 7000A form 3 & 4 “design verified” assemblies. We use high quality, renowned, protection and control components throughout all our products. This ensures that reliability, serviceability and protection integrity is continued from the MSB throughout the distribution network. R N Baker Switchboards designs and manufactures our distribution boards to make setting-up a system simple and convenient

A Large High-grade Distribution Board in the warehouse in Newcastle

Control and Protection Panels

For over four decades RNB has been manufacturing control and protection panels for Zone and Transmission Substations throughout the NSW and QLD Energy distribution networks. During this time we have completed over 210 C&P panel projects. We work directly with energy utilities as well as key principal contractors on both existing and greenfield sites to keep up with the ever-expanding electricity network. RNB manufacture to detailed, meticulous specifications and thoroughly test all products ensuring critical energy infrastructure can be safe and reliable for all users of our energy networks.

A Yellow Control Panel Switchboard in the warehouse in Newcastle


R N Baker Switchboards offer automation services to facilitate the monitoring and control of your switchboard and associated plant. PLC, SCADA, Telemetry, communications and IOT design, engineering, programming, monitoring, and support are available as part of our products and services.

A System Engineer creating automation for a new switchboard in Newcastle


R N Baker Switchboards manufacture all types of underground mining enclosures for voltages up to and including 1000V.

Designed & manufactured to suit specific site requirements & compliance with appropriate mining standards including AS/NZS 3007 & AS/NZS 2081, Fan starters, Pump starters, MCC’s, Jumbo boxes, Gate End panels, Lighting Enclosures and Distribution Boards are made from either stainless steel or powder coated mild steel with a multitude of other bespoke characteristics possible to suit our customers needs.

An underground mining switchboard ready to be installed in Newcastle


We offer Switch Rooms for all applications. Switch Rooms manufactured to appropriate standards and site requirements. These rooms can come complete with all switchboards and switchgear installed and tested ready for connection to site infrastructure. R N Baker Switchboards can offer delivery unloading and placement if required.  

A portable custom switch room on site in Newcastle

Other Products and Services