A switchboard attached to the outside of a building in Newcastle

The Dangers Of DIY Commercial Switchboard Work

Your electrical system consists of complex circuits which are connected by wiring to a device known as the main switchboard. From time to time switchboards can fail, and when this happens it can be a serious issue. If you are looking at fixing your commercial switchboards in Newcastle, there are several reasons why you should avoid trying to fix these yourself, and instead rely upon a company like R N Baker Switchboards to help you rebuild your system safely. Why

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Switchboards installed on site in a warehouse in Newcastle

What Makes Quality Switchboards?

Switchboards are the heart of your electrical distribution system, from the common and standard residential boards to the complex control systems of commerce and industry.  As switchboards are a major investment and your plant can’t operate without them, choosing the best quality is paramount. It isn’t a decision that can be taken lightly. First of all, your new or replacement switchboard has to be fit for purpose. Switchboards aren’t hardware that can be switched around or replaced easily, therefore, you

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A mining motor control centre installed on site

Another Mining MCC by the RNB Team

This particular assembly is B&R Enclosures, Signature series, modular metal work which is a site standard for this client. A great example of an Australian made product, manufactured by an Australian owned and operated manufacturer, for an Australian operated company. We are very fortunate to work alongside customers and end users that take operator safety seriously. In this project our client elects to operate and isolate this MCC safely via a remote switching panel combined with PLC/SCADA interface. Also included

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A mining switchboard on site

Mining Safety & Compliance

When your main objectives are safety and compliance, it is important to have the appropriate product for the environment. Mining sites throughout Australia are often exposed to the harshest conditions mother nature has to offer so generally it takes much more than IP ratings and stainless steel to ensure the appropriate performance of a switchboard and its components whilst keeping operators safe. R N Baker Switchboards understands the needs of our clients and provide appropriate solutions backed by design verification.

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The new Coffs Harbour Hospital Main Switchboard

Coffs Harbour Hospital Main Switchboard

The latest project successfully completed by our Newcastle crew. Coffs Harbour Hospital Main Switchboard. This switchboard has multiple redundancies via automatic closed transition transfer system as well as back up manual transfers. To allow for hassle free upgrades, additions and maintenance the switchgear and the spares are on pluggable bases. We have also manufactured this MSB to be as user friendly as possible by positioning the outgoing connections for the installing contractor to terminate with ease. #61439 #mainswitchboard #MSB #rnbaker

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Did you know we are also located in Newcastle?

Since 1955 RNB has been manufacturing switchboards from our Dubbo factory and although that space continues to grow, expand and improve the demand for our services and products could not be satisfied. In June 2019 we answered the call of the industry and opened our second manufacturing facility in Newcastle. The response from customers, suppliers and industry representatives to date has been absolutely fantastic and a big thank you goes out to all our supporters. In just 12 months we

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