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Did you know we are also located in Newcastle?

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Since 1955 RNB has been manufacturing switchboards from our Dubbo factory and although that space continues to grow, expand and improve the demand for our services and products could not be satisfied.

In June 2019 we answered the call of the industry and opened our second manufacturing facility in Newcastle.

The response from customers, suppliers and industry representatives to date has been absolutely fantastic and a big thank you goes out to all our supporters.

In just 12 months we have successfully built a team and a facility with the capability to output the same quality product we’re renowned for whilst doubling our output potential.

Well done team, we couldn’t be prouder of ourselves!

RNB are looking forward to continued growth throughout the area making new connections and meeting more partners to share the RNB experience with.

Our Newcastle location:

7/13 Channel Road Mayfield West